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Australia’s 7 Most Romantic Beaches. Get Away With Your Lover!

7 MOST romantic beach date ideas

Whoever said that Paris is 'the place' to go to for the ultimate romantic adventure? Well, it may be so in the minds of most, but other options are certainly on offer. And they can be just as pleasurable, if not more. One absolutely amazing option is the island of Australia and the beauties scattered across its 50,000 Km - long coastline. Sounds good? Check out our top 7 beaches guaranteed to give you the date of your dreams:

1. Lizard Island:
Situated on the east side of The Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island will make your jaw dropping with its array of beautiful beaches. White sand and blue sea under the vast blue sky is what you and your date will encounter. Here, you have a choice of 23 beach spots, equally capable of sprinkling romance into the atmosphere. Only drawback is, you have to spend quite a bit on accommodation (1,400 dollars for a single night at the Lizard Island Resort). To get to Lizard Island, you need to fly in from Cairns.

2. Byron Bay Beach:
Take your better half surfing to the east end of Australia, within the New South Wales border. Not into surfing? Worry not, there are plenty of other activities to ignite passion. Going for a relaxing stroll, for example, on the path created exclusively for this purpose. Or even go up the lighthouse that is the main landmark Byron Bay Beach is renowned for, and enjoy the stunning view of the glorious ocean! Byron Bay Beach is easy to get to from the Gold Coast.

3. Mandalay Beach:
Location: Western Australia. A 20 Km drive south of Perth will take you to Mandalay Beach, where you can expect to be amazed by the wild natural beauty of the location. This isolated spot is ideal for romantic escapades, just sitting on the beach and taking in the spectacular view of Chatam Island's imposing crests.

4. Wineglass Bay:
If you want to feel like you're featured in a postcard, rush to Tasmania for an unforgettable date in Wineglass Bay beach. It actually looks like a wine glass filled with turquoise-coloured sea water! Lots of activities are available for nature lovers, too, since Wineglass Bay belongs to a national park. It may take some time - approximately 3 hours - to drive down here from the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart. That hassle aside however, you will be compensated for getting to Wineglass Bay!

5. Noosa Main Beach:
It's the longest beach in Noosa, located within the Sunshine Coast. A perfect choice for those love birds seeking more common things to do on the beach, like swimming, dining and shopping. An ideal spot to spend a day relaxing, with the possibility of free parking. Not suitable for surfers, though.

6. Cable Beach:
Even getting to Cable Beach is a romantic thing to do, as you can walk there hand-in-hand from the nearby Broome city. Consistent with the virgin nature of Western Australia, Cable Beach is largely free from human intervention, something bound to please nature lovers. If you're planning to visit Cable Beach between March and October, you can admire 'the Staircase to the Moon', caused by the full moon. Anyone coming here will definitely have one thing to praise, and that will be the breath-taking sunset of Cable Beach, best enjoyed with a drink from the 'Sunset Cafés'! Bliss!

7.  Whitehaven Beach:
Or 'White heaven', if you like! The sand here is a dream and so is the sea, a white - and - blue dream! Situated in the Whitsunday Islands, right in the middle of the glorious coastline of Queensland, Whitehaven Beach is a 7 Km long miracle promising to offer the solitude required to fully take in the landscape. It is the most commonly advertised Australian beach, a true gem ideal for your romantic getaway in nature! So, hop on the boat in Airlie Beach and come to experience the uniqueness of Whitehaven Beach with you own - and your partner's - eyes!

Stop wasting your time, then! Grab an Australian Visa for the two of you and make an unforgettable journey to the beaches of Oz!

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