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How To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You. Here Are Five Sure Fire Signs

One of the hardest parts about dating in the modern world is How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You. You’ve gone on a date or two and you are really feeling it . . . But is he?

Does he like you as much as you like him? For women, learning whether a man really likes you or not can drive you crazy unless you have an easy way to get inside the mind of men. Here are a few tips to know if he’s really into you or not. You want to know if he's a good match quickly. There's no need to waste your time.

1. He’s Lightning Fast

When you text him, does he respond quickly and seem happy to do so? Or does he answer back several days later with a two-word response and a lame excuse as to why it took so long?

When a man really likes you, he'll find a way to respond to you no matter how busy he is. Life can get in the way and he might be working or hitting the gym and doesn’t focus on his phone when he's busy.

But a man who likes a woman makes things happen and he won’t wait for 3 days to message you back. Texting doesn’t take hours, and if he's interested he won't wait for long unless he's playing games, and you don't want to waste your time with him.

2. He Introduces You To Friends & Family

Ladies, if you have been dating a man for a long period of time and you have not met anyone who is important to him, this is a bad sign for the long term.

If he is hiding you away at hole in the wall restaurants or only having “hang out movie nights at his place,” you are his booty call and not his one and only.

If he is keeping you all to himself, this usually means that he's just not that into you. When a man likes a woman he wants to show you off!

3. He Pays Attention

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A man who is into you will pay attention when you speak and he wants to hear what you have to say. He'll also remember things you talked about and will even bring them up.

How to tell a guy really likes you will show through his actions and his words.

4. Date Nights Are Implied

Once a man begins to truly like you, certain date nights will become implied, depending on your schedules. Getting together on Friday or Saturday night or getting together on a weeknight to watch a shared favorite television show.

Constantly having to ask about the next time you are getting together isn’t good for your self-esteem either.

Don’t beg for dates, it's not attractive or empowering.

If a guy likes you, he will make dates and start assuming you are getting together on the weekend because you both like each other.

5. He Tells You Secrets

If he shares his locker room trauma in middle school or, things that he does not even share with his closest buddies, this means that he is opening up to the idea of something more.

Sharing is intimacy and he sees long term potential with you, or else he would clam up and let you do all of the talking. When a man has a safe space to share intimate things, this is a good indicator that he is building something longer lasting.

Knowing if a man really likes you never comes down to one thing. It is a mixture of several small indicators. And there are things you can do to make him fall in love with you.

When you find yourself making excuses for his distant behavior or you know deep down that things are not right, then it’s time to move on and find a man who wants really does want to get to know you on a deeper level.

There are cycles in relationships and there are always exceptions to every rule. The most important thing for you is to focus on the good things going on in your life and trust yourself and trust that things are always working out for you.

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