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Bumble Online Dating App: How To Use It Like A Pro

If you want to know how to use bumble like a pro, (like me!), you don't want to treat it like any other dating app.

It was coined the Feminist tinder at Bustle,

And one the things I love about learning how to use Bumble is that it was created by a woman, who doesn't take any crap from men. Therefore Bumble was born!

Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Bumble sued Tinder for sexual harassment and discrimination and gave Tinder a run for their money and walked away with cool million bucks.

Bumble developed a connection with Spotify, which helped their business and now the company is worth more than 1 billion dollars. Dang, you go Wolfe making money and making love connections.

Bumble connects you through Facebook, so you must have a Facebook account before you sign up. When you sign up it can pull your feed from your settings and these are easily changeable, except for your age, and I highly recommend changing your photos, and description to be more fun and flirty, not like a Linkedin Profile.

So if you don't want your age to show on your Bumble online dating profile, you need to have your age NOT on your Facebook Profile.

I thought when I paid for Bumble Boost would get rid of my age on my profile, but it is still there, and for me, I don't care much. And for me, it's too much work to figure out how to delete my age, and I'm not one to change my birth year. it was a fine year.

I would much rather be giving you some good info about online dating than figuring out how to lie about my age, but don't mind if you do. It's a personal choice. If you choose to make yourself younger, make it funny. Even though men see my age I tell them I celebrate my thirty-third birthday each and every year. 33 is a good year too. That's the age I tell my body to stay at and I feel better and better every day.

Here's a mantra I use to keep myself feeling young and beautiful.

I get prettier, smarter, wiser, more prosperous and healthy every year.

If your brain tells your body that enough times, your body will start to listen.

You can use the automatically added photos from Facebook, or you can delete those and add your own. And I suggest you read my by the book The Woman He Dreams About: 21 Sizzling Online Picture Tips That He Can’t Live Without. You Flirt, He Clicks before you post any bad photos. There are plenty of articles about online dating for women on my blog too.

It has gagillion ideas for taking great photos for online dating sites, and I don't suggest using snap filters with puppy ears or photoshopping out any wrinkles. Be yourself, but look good. Men notice your pictures first. So put your best foot forward.

I used to think it was very shallow to base someone on looks, but that is what we do in real life too. Hopefully, the men will have enough info to give you an idea of who they are, but a lot of guys don't.

So you might have to spend 30 minutes on a meetup at the coffee shop to see if you have any common ground and chemistry, or a quick phone or text chat.

Here are a few simple keys to having a great online photo.

Use natural or proper lighting.
Wear some makeup.
Do your hair.
Having a depth of field lets you stand out from the background.
Wear something red in at least one picture.
Have a variety of photos that show your spirit.

These are just 3 of the tips you must read about to make the most of your online dating experience.

Bumble is pretty simple. You can tap the beehive in the right-hand corner to see your matches. Swipe left if you don't find someone interesting, attractive or both, and if a man does catch your eye you swipe him right.

If you think he's hot, interesting or both, swipe right, and try not to swipe the wrong way! When you both match his photo will be in a yellow circle at the top of your screen. This means the ball is in your court to send out a message to him first.

This app gives you the power to start the conversation and to end it by unmatching any creepers or weirdos you may accidentally swipe right. But the quality of people on Bumble's dating app seems a little different.

There is a catch to swiping and how to use Bumble that you won't want to miss. 

And if you accidentally swipe left on someone you want to connect with you can give your phone a shake and it will bring them right back to your screen for round two of swiping.

Genius! They give you 3 shakes a day to rematch in case you swipe left when you didn't mean to, and knowing this trick will keep you in the know and how to use bumble like an expert.

But there is only one tiny problem with Bumble.

If you get the Bumble Boost and accidentally hit the "Not Interested" button, you are out of luck. I contacted customer support about this problem, and maybe they will change that someday in the future. We will keep our bee fingers crossed.

I do believe in everything happens for a reason, and if you can't bring em' back, then it probably wasn't meant to be. If it is destiny he will show up in your matches again someday.

Change your photos

To change your settings click the upper left arrow and then the little body icon at the top left. Here are 7 more things you need to know about your online dating profile for women here.

Change your other info: Career, Education, Sex, and link up your Spotify if you choose.

Change your description from your Facebook Profile, unless you want your matches to know that you are the Founder of a Dating and Relationship Blog, (they don't need to know this from the get-go, haha).

Quick Bumble Tip: Write about positive things. Don't complain about what you don't want please. This is a HUGE turnoff for men, and for me- your trusted dating coach. You can read 4 more must-haves for your online dating profile here.

Now onto the next tip.

Make your Bumble profile public or private.

The slider on the top left-hand corner will let the men see you or not see you.

You can also pick if you are interested in meeting men or women, or both.

Choose your age range.

Then using the slider in the middle you can pick what age men or women you want to date. How old is too old for you, and how young is too young?

Pick how far is too far for a date.

You can stick to your town, 1 mile up to 100 miles. I've noticed the GPS tracker may be a little off. You can always check someone's location from their profile and check your map.

Also note that when you travel, Bumble will update your personal location. So if you are at Gulf side of Florida but live in Oklahoma, you can get some dates while you are on vacation. It does this automatically with your location services.

Set notifications.

Do you want an alert on your phone whenever you get a swipe? You can set that here. And you can pick if you want your phone to vibrate. I personally turn mine off, because it can be exciting to get an alert, but distracting if you are trying to study or get work finished.

If you both swipe each other you will see a green circle on top of your screen and YOU will have to start the conversation.

I love Bumble's method because you don't get bombarded from 100 creepers you are not interested in overflowing your inbox.

How To Use Bumble Boost because it eliminates swiping time.

When you sign up for the boost it shows you the men who have already swiped you and you know you can match with them if you like what you see. They are pre-swiped for you. Easy as pie.

But it is also fun to swipe through and see all the guys out there. If you are in a city there are going to be a lot and even a few in a smaller town.

You can purchase Bumble Coins, or you can get the big guns and get Bumble Boost.

All of your matches will be on the top of your screen, and you can start a conversation with people you match with there.

If you have bumble boost you can click the green enclosed circle and hit match us if you like him.

Remember, once you match you only have 24 hours to start a conversation, or the match goes away. So don't beat around the Bumble bush.

There are also lots of other online dating apps for women to meet men, and this is one of my favorites. It has eliminated a lot of the "work" of going through too many messages and swipes especially if you upgrade to Bumble Boost, it is, even more, time-saving if you are a busy gal.

I highly suggest Bumble for young professionals! There are a lot of quality men on there.

And I also suggest to go out with some men you might not be initially attracted to because you might be pleasantly surprised and meet a great guy. I've met several amazing men and I live in a pretty small town.

Sometimes men don't know how to pick out their best photos and don't have anyone to give them advice. I've helped hundreds of men sort through photos and write their profiles. Trust me on this one- a lot of them don't have any idea what they are doing with their online dating profile.

Any questions? Message me at [email protected] and I will try to answer your dating and love questions.

Happy Bumbling!

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