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Online Dating: 8 Pros & Cons

I'm excited to have a new guest blog post from my friend Brandon C.J. Grimes. He's going to give you his thoughts from a man's perspective. That's something new on He shares his ideas about the top 4 benefits of online dating and the top 4 cons. I encourage online dating for everyone, but it is great to be informed before you take the plunge. If you need any help please contact me here for an EPIC Online Profile Makeover!

The dating scene is tough. Head to the bars or clubs and it's really hard to actually hook up with a serious prospect. Your options have probably been exhausted when it comes to friends, work, and relationship blogs. Surfing the web to find your soulmate has become a popular trend. However, there are always horror stories as well. Pay attention to the top 8 pros and cons of online dating before taking the plunge.

Top 4 Pros of Online Dating

1. Talk About Options!

When it comes to finding more fish in the sea, there's a host of online dating sites that are ripe for the picking. Whether you want a Christian site, a single parent site, or one for Sugar Daddies, your options are wide open.

2. Go at Your Own Pace

If you're cautious about joining the dating scene, there's no pressure with online dating. You can get your feet wet and begin your relationship with online or video chats. When you're ready for more, arrange your first date in a public place on neutral ground. Don't ever invite anyone into your home or in your car until you've established trust. Found the guy you like? Don't try and prove yours is bigger than his!

3. Limit Your Search to Others with Similar Interests

When you date online, you can refine your search according to the qualities you want in a partner. When you specify your preferences, you'll be provided with a list that fits your criteria. Some sites will match you up according to chemistry and common interests.

4. Reduce the Risk of Rejection

No one likes rejection. When you date online, you put distance between yourself and your date. There are no strings attached. You can make a clean break of it without the mess.

Top 4 Cons of Online Dating

1. You Don't Always Know What You're Getting Into

Opt for online dating and you're taking risks. You can't be certain that your date is being honest or is a safe person. You need to be careful in selecting reliable sites and use common sense when going out on a first date. Learn how going out with the guy who was rude the the waitress can benefit you.

2. It's Hard to Truly Read Someone Online

If you are only going by a picture and email, you can't be a true judge of your potential date's personality. When you actually meet people for the first time in person, you can go with your instincts to determine if you've found a good match.

3. Some People are Addicted to the Thrill of the Chase

When you dabble in online dating, you're sure to run up against some dates who love to experiment with the digital world, but aren't interested in the real deal.

4. Be Too Restrictive and You Could Miss Out

When you refine your search parameters, you could miss out on the date of your dreams. You might do better to be less specific in your search, expanding the locale and personality traits.

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