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When your online dating profile sounds like the rest of all the other people out there the good ones just sweep you under the rug…

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Completely, 100% awesome! First, the questionnaire made me think about myself, what I like, and what I'm looking for - an eye-opening experience. Second, the profile that came out of it described me better than I ever could myself. Great job Dina!!!


Dina is a master of the written word. My profile is like good wine. Right to the point but still a little mystery. Thanks Dina.

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You'll get messages like this...

I read your profile and I am just amazed at what I read. You seem like a complete woman and a woman is what I’m looking for. I never really find people to date that want to get out and try new things. There are so many things that I want to go out and experience and is just want to keep making the list longer. There are many things I could say, but I want to get to know you.

- Brad

And this...

Wow.....That's all I can say, Just WOW!! What you wrote was so honest and fantastic, I had to read it several times. I would love, love, love to spark a little chit chat with you and just take it from there.

- JK

Every. Single. Day.

Hello. You have the most Eloquent profile I have seen. Reading it was like listening to a song. I'm certain that sounds like a cheesy come on line but I am sincere.

- Dan

But... what if you believe this is too good to be true?

You might be wondering, how can this work?

 Online dating is a bunch of crap... It's all too complicated.

I know exactly how you feel.

I felt the EXACT same way when I was getting started with online dating.

It was uncharted territory.

In fact, I never really dated. There was a lot to learn about online dating and online dating profiles, men and women. But in my 10+ years of online dating experience, coaching, reading and writing thousands or profiles, articles, interviewing loads of men and women and going on literally 100's of dates and receiving and responding to thousands of messages...

I figured something out.

The Step by Step Process to make you an INCREDIBLE, DESIRABLE single online in a few simple steps.

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Here is how YOU can Attract Love (and dates) with the right kind of profile! (And your full hour of private phone coaching!

But here is the lowdown of what is covered:

  • The EPIC Online Dating Profile Picture Kit
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 You know you're obviously really serious about getting online, attracting the right kind of people you want to meet, and look for fun, romance, passion, and LOVE.

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